Dust removal

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Mevas provides high-efficiency dust removal systems for Tissue machines, rewinders and converting

Dust removal.

A safer manufacturing environment

The dust removal systems is fundamental, especially in the paper industry , to reduce fire hazards, limit machine components wear and improve environmental quality for the operators.

Mevas Dust Removal

Thanks to the innovative technology of the concentrate wet abatement, Mevas guarantees a significant removal of the dust deriving from the different production stages.

Furthermore, Mevas dust removal systems ensure a substantial ambient conditions improvement for the operators, in the face of reduced water consumption.

The complete customization of suction boxes and system configuration (composed by watering section, separation and extraction) implies an easy adaptation to the most varied facility layouts.

Dust Removal


Mevas dust removal system guartantees a consistent reduction of fire hazards compared to the traditional dry systems, thanks to the complete dust abatement in the central unit through an apparatus of spray nozzles.


The significant decrease of the dust in the production environment involves less wear of internal and external machine components, guaranteeing greater durability and performance over the years. The opportunity of remote assistance (Industry 4.0 Ready) helps to find out and solve immediately the eventual failure, eliminating breakdowns risk.


The automatic discharge of dust removed prevents the operator to face all the routine maintenance issues typical of dry removal systems. At the same time, the use of high-quality materials and components limites the system maintenace costs, increasing the runnability and the working life

Tailor-made dust removal

Whether it’s a new facility or an old system revamping, Mevas identifies the winning solution in terms of layout impact and technical features, according to client’s requirements and needs.

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