Technologies for the paper industry - Corrugators

Mevas designes and realizes systems and solutions for the corrugated cardboard industry. The experience gained in Tissue/paper Steam & Condensate systems led Mevas to develop a complete range of products for the corrugators. Mevas corrugators systems are distinguished by an high-tech level and operational reliability.

Mevas integrated systems
for the corrugators

Mevas is specialized in systems dedicated to the corrugators with a focus on manufacturing optimization and energy saving, thanks to the efficiency of its Steam & Condensate integrated solutions.

Integrated automation.

Mevas realizes complete integrated automation systems to monitor, control and boost the entire manufacturing facility. Mevas automation solutions stand out for the intuitive interface, the real-time monitoring and the immediate troubleshoooting.


Mevas provides innovative solutions to shoot down manufacturing costs, preserving the production standards and the overall efficiency. The costant monitoring of production costs is crucial in an energy-intensive sector as the paper industry to successfully face an increasingly competitive market.

Tailor Made

Each paper machine has different production requirements and features. Thanks to Mevas Team strong sectoral expertis, we are able to propose effective customized solutions for every client.

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