Hall ventilation.

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A well balanced hall ventilation is closely related to the machine characteristics and crucial to avoid manufacturing inefficiencies and structural issues.

Mevas hall

Mevas hall ventilation stands out for an accurate design stage thanks to the detailed data collected about the paper mill mass and energy balance.

Once the critical issues have been identified, we proceed to the sizing of the Air Treatment Units, heated through heat recovery exchanger, and the extraction towers.

The final result is balanced machine “ecosystem” characterized by an high energy efficiency thanks to the synergy between the heat recovery elements.

Hall ventilation


When we approach hall ventilation systems, a correct mass balance is crucial to guarantee stable environmental and working at the paper machine. The right mass balance, together with the related temperatures analysis, leads to an optimal mill energy balance.


Considering that typically this kind of systems has a big impact on plant layout, Mevas provides the heat exchanging section on pre-assembled skid in order to make easier the integration with any existing situation, ensuring reduced installation times/costs.

Production environment

Mevas hall ventilation enhance increasingly all the machine ambient, with major benefits for the operators in terms of safety and general working conditions. Moreover, an healtier production environment helps to maintain the quality and the manufacturing standards required.

hall ventilation

Whether it’s a new facility or an old system revamping, Mevas identifies the winning solution in terms of layout impact and technical features, according to client’s requirements and needs.

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