Mist removal

For Tissue e Paper

Mevas designs and realises turn-key mist removal systems for the paper industry.

Mist removing.

Better machine conditions

The mist removal system is essential to eliminate moisture and mists arising from the machine, protecting the structure and the mechanical components against corrosion.

Mevas mist removal

Mevas mist removal system includes an horizontal abatement unit (sometimes a vertical scrubber for particular layout requirements) to ensure the mist condensation, avoiding carryover phenomena.

The accuracy in the system design and sizing allows to eliminate significantly the forming mists, limiting components and structures wear and avoiding condensation phenomena in the mill, with a positive impact on safety and production quality.

Mevas mist removal

Production environment

Mevas mist removal system enhance increasingly all the machine ambient, with major benefits for the operators in terms of safety and general working conditions. Moreover, an healtier production environment helps to maintain the quality and the manufacturing standards required.


By using the stainless steel AISI304 for all the construction and structural components into contact with the machine mists, we achieve durability and constant removal performance over time. In addition, the accurate preliminary design stage generates a substantial improvement of the working conditions from the start-up.

Machine protection

An effective mist and moisture removal reduces the maintenance costs of both structural and process elements, which, otherwise, would be more worn. The widespread presence of the mist has a negative impact on the entire facility and not only near the forming section.

Tailor-made mist
removal system

Whether it’s a new facility or an old system revamping, Mevas identifies the winning solution in terms of layout impact and technical features, according to client’s requirements and needs

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