Steam & condensate.

For Tissue, Paper e Corrugators

In the Paper industry, an accurate sizing of the Steam & Condensate system and all the main components is fundamental.

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Steam & condensate system - tissue

Production and energy optimization

Mevas S&C is designed to achieve the better performance of the Yankee, ensuring safety and operational continuity over the years, aiming at the maximum energy saving possible through the patent steam generator _SP.

Yankee S&C.

The Yankee is the beating heart of the paper mill, so it’s essential to guarantee the most effective working conditions.

Enhancing thepaper machine

Thanks to the combination of the most advanced calculation softwares and the decade of field experience, Mevas Steam system boosts the Yankee production performance, optimizing safety, runnability and energy consumption.

Mevas steam & condensate

Modular design

Mevas is able to provide the entire Yankee S&C system through prefabricated modules which are previously tested in our specialized workshop in order to reduce the assembly stage time and related costs.


The first goal of every S&C system in to ensure operational continuity and stable working conditions to the Yankee. The quality of the components and the effectiveness of the dedicated support reduce incrasingly failures and breakdowns.


The accurate preliminary analysis and the use of high-quality instruments guarantee the better performance of the S&C system in terms of production, safety and runnability, achieving tha maximum energy saving available.


Steam Pack is the pioneering steam generator from exhaust, conceived and patent by Mevas.

Smart steam

Mevas Steam Pack, produces saturated steam through the related exchange battery by using the heat of the exhaust fumes and the condensate from the Yankee pressure tank. The newly generated steam is separated in the dedicated high-pressure tank and then used to supply the Yankee aftwer an accurate adjustment.

SP highlights.

Energy Saving

Mevas Steam Pack, produces saturated high-pressure steam suitable for the process, by using the energy contained in the exhaust flow which would otherwise be wasted. _SP guarantees an exceptional energy saving given by the part of saturated steam recovered from the exhaust. The _SP newly generated steam is returned in the process leading to a lower gas consumption from the boiler.


_SP, thanks to its slim design and the skid structure, is perfectly adaptable to any facility configuration with a very low impact on the mill layout. The ease of installation reduces assembly and maintenance costs, especially considering facilities with tight spaces available.


Steam Pack relies upon an automatic control system which utilizes sensors and modulating valves of higher quality to ensure performance and long life of the components. The steam generated is monitored and accounted in real-time in order to make the troubleshooting as quick as possible and act promptly through the encrypted remote connection.

Tailor-made s&c

Starting from an accurate preliminary analysis, Mevas is able to perform complete or partial rebuilding of any Steam & Condensate system, in accordance with client’s needs and requirements, with a special care for energy and manufacturing optimization.

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Steam & condensate
system – paper & board.

Production and energy optimization

Mevas S&C is designed to achieve the better performance of the paper machine, , ensuring safety and operational continuity over the years, by using the latest technologies within the energy saving topic.

Paper machine s&c

The accurate design stage carried out by mevas technical department guarantees the making of a steam and condensate system which matches perfectly with the client’s production requirements.

Mevas ensures the entire system flexibility by respecting the single units working pressures mediante with the aid of sensors and modulating electrmechanical components.

Mevas provides also for for the system energy optimization through the application of exchange batteries for the recovery of flash steam.

Mevas steam &
condensate highlights.


In the Paper & Board is fundamental the extreme flexibility of the S&C system, where we must respect the operational autonomy of the thermal units to match a wide range of products.


An accurate sizing of the S&C main components and the use of the best brands on the market imply absolute reliability and durability of the system, besides knocking down failures and emergency actions costs.

Customer care

Mevas assists continuosly the client, whether it’s a service of our specialized technicians or routine maintenance activities. Evend during the service stage or the supply of the single spare part, the client can rely on Mevas technical department support, aiming at the constant improvement of his S&C system.


Mevas is specialized in designing and realizing customized Steam and Condensate systems for the paper machine, where, starting from the client’s production requirments, provides the better solution in terms of manufacturing optimization, energy saving and system managing.

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Steam & condensate system

Production and energy optimization

Mevas S&C for corrugators is based on an efficient condensate recovery from the process, maximizing the manufacturing performance of each corrugator section and preserving the boiler integrity.


CESI is the Mevas champion for the managing of corrugators condensate, serving as an indispensable link between production process and the Boiler room.


CESI guarantees the highest performance in condensate recovery with a consequent production improvement caused by the optimized heta transfer.

Furthermore, CESI application involves an important energy saving thanks to the codnensate recovery and high-pressure injection in the Boiler.

Cesi highlights.


Mevas, through CESI modulating technology, provides an extremely flexible system which is able to cover a wide range a product, with working pressures from 0,8 to 20 Bar on Double Facer.

Energy Saving

By matching perfectly the different production requirements of the client, CESI guarantees a substantial energy saving generated by the condensate recovery and the high-pressure injection to the boiler room, with a gas consumption reduction due to the lower thermal delta.


In addition to the higher quality of the instruments installed, CESI system is marked with a contnuous remote monitoring which ensures a faster troubleshooting and immediate resolution by our technicians. Moreover, Mevas providea a dedicated, user-friendly HMI which is helpful to verify the coindensate recovered in real-time.


TESI is the Mevas system for the condensate managing, created to regulate and empower the operations of the boiler.

The brain of
the boiler room

TESI, counting on a regularized injection of high-temperature condensate, ensures stable working conditions to the boiler room, increasing its performance with a substantial reduction of gas consumption.

TESI fits perfectly any layout with reduced installation costs, avoiding piping modifications.

Tesi highlights.

Energy Saving

TESI installation involves an immediate energy saving ensuring a regular flow of high-temperature condensate to the boiler.The recovery and controlled injection of HT condensate implies less gas consumptions due to the reduced Delta T.


Mevas TESI is equipped with the most advanced controls in order to guarantee to the boiler absolute dependability and stable operating conditions.The constant control of the boiler working conditions is crucial to maximize the steam generation performance and the lifetime of all the components, reducing the overall maintenance costs and knocking down the risk of failures and breakdowns.


The skid structure involves a minimal impact on the existing layout, making TESI perfect for complex installations. Furthermore, TESI can be absolutely integrated to any plant layout, not being necessary substantial piping modifications. Mevas PLC makes TESI indipendent of boiler logics, eliminating adaptation complications and speeding up the start-up stage.

Tailor-made s&c systems
for corrugators

Mevas is specialized in designing and realizing customized Steam and Condensate systems for the corrugator, where, starting from the client’s production requirments, provides the better solution in terms of manufacturing optimization, energy saving and system managing. Mevas is able to develop partial or complete rebuilding, where we can reach an even greater level of customization.

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