As you know, Mevas is able to provide complex steam and condensate plants. TESI is currently for sure our main product, able to raise industrial boilers efficency up to 97.5%.

TESI final configuration

An important customer ask us to garantee constant efficency for his new boiler.

Mevas accepted this new challange and decided to follow the entire project of new boiler room installation. This means that we developed a 3D model and studied how to adapt TESI with customer process configuration. Fortunately TESI is an high adaptable system, so we achieved the result !

Detail of the new gas ramp

We usually provide turn-key solutions, this means that the process is completely controlled by our automation systems:

  • power drives
  • PLC
  • safety PLC
  • field and panels wiring
  • room emergency and conventional lighting
Power drive panel

Each device in the new boiler room has been managed by Mevas.

New boiler safety valves supports

As Mevas automation standard, HMI graphics are in accordance with real layout of the plant in order to obtain a user-frendly interface for operators and maintenance managers that are allowed to monitor constantly each parameter of the system.