Mevas is pleased to announce the rebuilding of a combustion system for an important customer located in north Italy.

Starting from an old and unsafe combustion configuration, we completely rebuilt gas ramp and combustion management system.

Phoenix LITE is able to provide :

  • Ignition phases according to EN 746-2;
  • Air ratio for all burner loads;
  • System purging time sequence up to SIL 2;
  • Smart HMI for monitoring main parameters status (process temperature, combustion temperature, ignition steps, alarms and faults) completely connected to BMS (Burner Management System);
  • Integrated safety PLC for burner and air system safety signals management.

Thanks to our Phoenix combustion management system, customer is able to manage faster and safer each combustion process parameter, with also an immediate energy saving, thanks to a better fuel management.

Phoenix LITE is also capable to share each parameter with customer DCS, through most known BUS communication.