Phoenix is an integrated control system for industrial burners that allows to reach great performances on energy saving, functional safety, atmosphere pollutants emission and reliability.

Stratoflame®_ Duct Burners

Low emissions
and high efficiency.

Stratoflame® is a in-duct burner designed for reach the maximum performance in terms of gas consumption and low CO and NOx emissions. It is ideal for applications in which the oxygen content in the process air flow is low or where a short flame length is required.

Burner design.

Stratoflame® is completely designed in high quality stainless steel in order to be use in every kind of process air conditions (upstream air up to 600 °C). Combustion air terminals has a conical geometry with solid angle hole to create a controlled swirl of the air.
Gas nozzles are designed with special geometry in order minimized the effect of vortex shedding and avoid hot spot formation on gun surface at each power ratio.
Each swirling cone has special design in order to provide cross ignition.
Stratoflame® can be equipped with optional kit :

  • Special deflector to be installed on cone outlet
  • GPL nozzles
  • Downstream stabilizer for process air

Operating range.

Stratoflame® has modular design. The burner is composed by single module of 120 kW@combustion air 20 °C with a turndown from nominal capacity of 10:1. The burner is fired with an excess air percentage of 20% to 30% at maximum potentiality. The modular design of the Stratoflame® provides the flexibility to create a wide range of burner matrix configurations. Stratoflame® is able to work with combustion air temperature up to 300 °C. Consider also that Stratoflame® burners are available as packaged units including valve trains, combustion air blowers, flame supervision and controls.
All inputs based on standard conditions; 1 atmosphere, 21 °C. All inputs based upon net calorific values (LHV).
Mevas reserves the right to change the construction and/or configuration of our products at any time without being obliged to adjust earlier supplies accordingly.
Maximum power is referred to combustion air temperature on standard condition, contact Mevas for burner sizing and recommendations for preheated air over 300 °C.

Optivortek® _ Corner burners

Low emissions
and high efficiency.

Burners are nozzle-mixing gas burners for many industrial direct-fired applications where clean combustion and high turndown are required. They are simple and versatile for use on a variety of heating applications. This natural gas burner provides clean combustion with low NOx levels while providing unmatched turndown. Gas Burners provide outstanding performance in ovens and dryers, paint finishing lines, paper and textile machines, food baking ovens, grain dryers, and fume incinerators.

Burner design.

SOptivortek® is designed according with main swirling flame theory in order to guarantee a stable flame at all power input. Burner geometry is optimized basing on the result of CFD analisys an testing using Mevas test bench. Optivortek® has an improved performance in terms of durability, rangeability and pollutants emissions. The burner is characterised by a special design solution in order to avoid peak temperature into combustion chamber. Burner refractory blocks can be factory installed for all burners models. A stainless steel wrapper extension is supplied standard with factory installed refractory.

Operating range.

Optivortek® is the right choice for your new equipment or retrofitting application:

  • High turndown capabilities on a wide range of fuels result from the stable flame produced by the air swirl rate
  • Clean, smoke-free combustion results from the unique “vortex generator” which vaporizes fuel oils.
  • Low NOx and CO emissions.
  • Operates with low excess air for maximum efficiency or high excess air for high volume process air heating.

Consider also that Optivortek® burners are available as packaged units including valve trains, combustion air blowers, flame supervision and controls.

Gas stations _ For burners and combustion systems

Safety requirements.

The gas train is a series of components that safely feed the natural or propane gas into the burner. Mevas gas train and compression stations are designed according to latest technical norms. Our gas ramps could guarantee safety integrity level up to SIL 3.

High quality devices.

All Mevas gas trains and compression systems are completely customizable basing on customer’s request. Our gas trains could be adapted to any type of layout, with very low layout impacts and reduced additional costs for its installation, due to their skid packaging. All skids are previously designed by 3D software in order to share possible installation configuration with our customer. We assemble and pre-test each gas train in our workshop. We provide a plug and play solution, so a pre-wired junction box is installed on board in order to reduce installation time. In order to guarantee an high level in durability and safety all welding are verified by non-destructive testing for at least 10% of total length of welds.

Methane gas
compression station.

Some applications require fuel gas at non conventional conditions (high pressure and low temperature). Mevas already installed methane compression stations in order to ensure right operating conditions for burner and boilers. Compression system consist of:

  • Gas pressure regulator and safety equipment;
  • VSD controlled compressors;.
  • Low NOx and CO emissions.
  • Heat exchangers for methane and cooling fluid;
  • Gas pressure stabilizers;
  • Safety instruments (temperature, pressure, flow);
  • Control instruments (temperature, pressure, flow and modulating valves);
  • PLC end MCC

Phoenix Pro _ For burners and combustion systems

We developed Phoenix basing on a strong experience in combustion systems for paper industry. It is a product able to adapt to all production needs, and characterized by great reliability, simplicity of operation and self-diagnosis.
Phoenix is one of the solutions that we can provide to promote energy saving for industry fields in which too much steps have to be done. Talking about Pulp and Paper industry, most part of paper mills runs with old generation burners, with a lot of problems about safety, efficiency and reliability, this drives to high risks about workers and production losses.

  • Ignition phases according to EN 746;
  • Air-ratio at each power level;.
  • Combustion air control loop;
  • Process air temperature control loop;
  • Low fire conditions;
  • Preheating before ignition;
  • CO and O2 emissions;
  • Washing times up to SIL2
  • Historical of all burner parameters;
  • Smart Wizard of burner problem troubleshooting;
  • Remote assistance with industrial VPN

Burner management system (BMS) Phoenix is provided with a BMS in order to guarantee the execution of ignition and test phases according to EN 746 norm (“Industrial thermoprocessing equipment”). This unit allows also to manage air-fuel ratio, through can bus communication with fuel and combustion air valves/dampers actuators.
Gas valve and combustion air damper actuators Phoenix is provided with actuators capable to guarantee SIL 2 level of functional safety. Flame detection device signal is directly acquired by Siemens LMV. Controllo presenza fiamma mediante fotocellula direttamente collegata alla centralina di sicurezza.

  • BMS programming interface
  • User-friendly interface
  • Multi-level password (basic user, service and O&M)
  • Modbus comunication with burner PLC

Standard PLC for integrated combustion management Standard PLC for control and management of burner. Instant diagnostic and graphic trend of main process parameters.
PLC controls:

  • Combustion air loop, with direct control of operating set-point of the fan
  • Thermoregulation loop. PLC acquires temperature signal from three transmitters on field, and modulate gas valve opening after a comparrison between measures and desired operation set-point
  • Low-fire management
  • Pre-heating during ignition phase
  • PLC communicates by profinet or profibus with customer supervision system

HMI with user-friendly interface for visualization of each combustion stage.

System is engineered with an optimized graphic interface, through a 12” HMI in which the operator can see for example trend of combustion process variables, ignition phases, polluttants level, log of occurred errors and so on. Basically the HMI is completely customizable according to customer requests, thanks to the high number of acquired signals from the process.

Remote connection device.

Another step to optimize combustion is the implementation of remote control. Through an encripted connection is possible to manage each process parameter. This solution strongly reduce service costs, the system infact can be setted in order to send e-mail diagnosis and reports regarding operational status of the burner, in order to speed-up intervention timings.

Phoenix Lite®_ Integrated combustion control system

Phenix Lite® is the smart version of Phooenix product family.
It is characterized by:

  • Ignition phases according to EN 746;
  • Air-ratio at each power level;.
  • Combustion air control loop;
  • Process air temperature control loop;
  • Preheating before ignition;
  • Washing times up to SIL2
  • BMS programming interface;
  • Modbus communication with customer DCS;
  • Safety basic PLC;

Phoenix Lite® is the smart solution for revamping your old combustion system.


Phoenix Lite® is equipped with 7” colour touch panel for continuous monitoring of combustion process :

  • Starting sequence
  • Safety devices status (pressure switches, temperature switches);
  • Modbus interface with BMS and sharing of main safety error messages;

Mevas Phoenix Lite® is designed according to latest technical norms.

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