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Automation through years has been a fundamental resource for industrial processes since when production and efficiency levels standards began to rise up significantly.
In association with process engineering solutions, Mevas is able to supply complete automation systems for industrial plants controlling and monitoring. We realize drives control panels, automation panels, HMI, pneumatic panels and we have experience and skill in order to completely customize systems basing on customer requests. Our automation solutions are enforced by our knowledge of industrial process engineering principles, so each control system is completely safe, and correctly balanced according to process needs. This allows to obtain high efficiency plants, with high reliability and safety.

Steam & Condensate.


Mevas steam & condensate system are designed with the highiest standards in terms of energy saving, reliability and safety rules. Our engeenering design is focused to turnkey solutions with minimized field istallation thanks to on skid concept.

Steam & Condensate systems

Mevas is able to follow up the entire design and supply process for steam&condensate systems. Starting from conceptual design carrying through completion:

  • Steam&Condensate system for paper mill;
  • Steam&Condensate distribution and piping;
  • Instrumentations and valves;
  • Power and control electrical cabinet;
  • Programming of PLC and drivers;
  • Project management;
  • On field erection;
  • Commissioning and start-up

Boiler room

Mevas is able to follow up the entire design and supply process for boiler room. Starting from conceptual design carrying through completion:

  • Steam&Condensate distribution and piping
  • Water treatment
  • Instrumentations
  • Power and control electrical cabinet
  • Programming of PLC and drivers
  • Project management
  • On field erection
  • Commissioning and start-up

Aerothermic & cogeneration.


Drying systems have a big impact on paper mills energy cost. For this reason Mevas developed dedicated high efficiency equipment in order to maximized reliability and minimize production losses.
Thanks to Mevas software all process, combustion and drying physics could be analized and monitored with a real time diagnosis.

Recovery unit

Mevas air to air heat exchanger is a perfect solution to maximize the efficiency of a recovery chain.
All recovery unit are tailored basing on customer require:

  • Condensate discharges
  • Inspection ports
  • Automatic cleaning system;
  • Piping size 30mm to 38mm
  • Programming of PLC and drivers;
  • Material AISI 304 or aisi316
All heat exchanger equipment design by Mevas are validated through CFD in order to maximized thermal efficiency and minimized pressure drop. All exchanger can work with positive or negative pressure from both sides: shell and pipes.

Dust removal system.


Mevas provide dust system for tissue machine, rewinders and converting lines characterized by:

  • Increase machine runnability
  • Improve environmental quality and operator health
  • Low water consuption

Dust suppression like no other traditional system Multi-cyclones et abatement sections Completely avoiding of fire risk inside ducts
Dust _Multi-cyclones wet system

In Mevas Multi-cyclones wet system, each suction line immediately after the suction box outlet will be washed with a water spray. The captured dust will be suck through ducting from each of the multi-cyclones to the main duct conveying line. Local separation through multi-cyclones avoid water dragging and complete washing of the air flow.

Dust _Wet system

Mevas provide dust system for tissue machine, rewinders and converting lines characterized by:

  • Increase machine runnability;
  • Improve environmental quality and operator health
  • Low water consumption
  • Suction points totally customized
  • Double wet abatement section
  • Average airborne exposure total level less than 4mg/m3
  • Safety integrity level up to SIL2
  • Commissioning and start-up

Wet system is useful to remove dust for:

  • Yankee machines
  • Rewinders
  • Converting lines

All dust systems can be equipped with:

  • Partial and total compartmenting in order to protect area from dust diffusion
  • Floor cleaning system
  • Web cleaning system to guarantee a perfect sheet quality

Dust _Dry system

Mevas dust dry system collect air through boxes mounted on machine to dry filtering. After than clean air passes through one exhaust fan and then is discharged in atmospheric through the chimney. Drying filter discharge automatically the dust into a dedicated bag.

  • Completely automatic system with remote control
  • Certified explosion protection system
  • Floor cleaning system with multi-counter logic
  • Spark detection system to prevent line from fire hazard

Mist system.


The purpose of the proposed system is to remove humidity and mist generated by the paper machine in the wet end area between the headbox and the Yankee dryer, allowing to have a better environment in the paper machine surrounding with less corrosion of structures around machine area. Washing water used by the mist removal system is then returned to the machine water treatment system.
The hart of mist system is the horizontal scrubber. The perfect sizing of scrubber with water washing and drop separator permit to condensate all mist coming from the machine and a reduced dragging effect.

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